Taste Traditional Brazilian Cuisine

Sample a piece of Brazilian history with a taste of traditional Churrasco. Brazilian BBQ was first introduced by Guachos, or cattle herders. These cowboys knew how to prepare a savory cut of meat with only the use of salt and an open fire grill. At Rio de Brazil, we prepare our traditional Brazilian cuisine with your choice of beef, lamb, chicken, or pork. Our meats are skewered and flame grilled to perfection!

Try something truly unique when you dine at Rio de Brazil and order our house special, picanha. This prized cut of beef, called picanha, is unique to Brazil. In the United States, you might refer to a sirloin cap or rump cap as the meat cut from the back side of the animal where it rests on a fat cap. American butchers typically remove the fat cap when preparing sirloin or rump cuts. Picanha is cut to keep the fat cap intact. The fat is grilled with the beef to produce a tender, juicy, delicious morsel. Picanha is seared on both sides and then, grilled as a steak.  Our butchers prepare this special cut so that you can enjoy picanha, a true traditional Brazilian cuisine.

When Rio de Brazil chefs prepare Churrasco, meat is placed on a skewer with the fattier ends positioned up to allow flavorful juice to encase the meat. Just as the Guachos seasoned their meat with its own juices, we allow our kebabs to grill to perfection. Our kebabs are cooked to your ideal temperature. If you prefer chicken or lamb, these meats have been marinated prior to skewing. A touch of complementary spices enhances the natural flavors of chicken and lamb. You will be transported to the open fields of a Brazilian cattle ranch when you taste our kebabs.

Enjoy traditional Brazilian cuisine and a dynamic menu at Rio de Brazil! You select your preferred foods, and we will prepare your meal Brazilian style!