Serving Those Who Serve Us: Our Military Discount

At Rio de Brazil, we take great pride in honoring those who serve our country. This is why we offer a 10 percent military discount for any member of the United States military who chooses to dine with us. The reason we are able to operate a Brazilian Steakhouse in America is because of these brave men and women who fight for our rights every single day.

As a member of any branch of the U.S. military, you can enjoy any combination of drinks, salads, desserts, or meats, with 10 percent on the house. Try our New York cheesecake if you’re feeling extra American. Or if you’re craving something exotic to spice up your evening, go for the Brazilian Flan – it’s homemade.

Choose from classic American drinks such as Bud Light or Coors Light or other drinks such as Chardonnay from Chile or Pinot Noir from Sonoma. Our drinks come from all over the world, including California, Argentina, and of course, Brazil. Inside of the restaurant, you will even be able to walk through our wine cellar, which boasts a fine selection of wines.

As for food, you can indulge yourself with an appetizing salad from our salad bar. The salad bar provides you with an assortment of lettuces, vegetables, meats, and cheeses, as well as fresh bread. This includes fresh shrimp, smoked salmon, roasted red pepper, and artichoke hearts. At Rio de Brazil, you will finally understand what it means to fully enjoy eating a salad. And of course, there is an array of different grilled meat offerings on our menu as well. Order filet mignon with bacon or Brazilian sausage. It is all you can eat, so why not get both?

We want to thank our service members in any and every possible. We’re hoping that an evening of good food, good drinks, and good service at a discounted price can begin to express our gratitude. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our military discount, feel free to contact us.