Pão de queijo: The gluten free snack you’ll never get enough of

When you think of a churrascaria — the Portuguese word for “barbecue” — the first thing that comes to your mind may be plates of savory, delicious meats. At Rio De Brazil, we offer much more, including an unlimited salad bar, hot side dishes, as well as a Brazilian favorite: pão de queijo. Pronounced “pown-deh-kay-zho,” this Brazilian cheese bread is a light and fluffy delight that can be served as a standalone snack as well as a compliment to your meal. These bite-sized bread balls are packed with fresh Parmesan cheese and made of tapioca flour, making it a delicious, gluten- and wheat-free alternative to garlic bread. Their small size also makes it perfect for feeding and entertaining the little ones while you pick your next selection from our expert Gauchos.

The History

This delicious treat has a long history that has brought it from Minas Gerais (“mee-nuh s zhi-rahys”) – one of Brazil’s southern states located just north of São Paolo and Rio de Janeiro – to your table. The creation of this dish speaks to Brazil’s long history and cultural influences, including contributions from indigenous groups, Portuguese colonizers, and African slaves; however, pão de queijo did not become the sensation that it is today until fresh, regional cheese became more widely available towards the end of the 19th century. Since then, this cheesy bread has become a Brazilian staple (and soon to be a staple in your home as well).

At Rio De Brazil, we take pride in ensuring that you enjoy every moment from your first bite to your last. Our salad bar features dozens of delicious items that can easily accommodate any dietary restrictions and our expert Gauchos are always available to serve you an array of juicy meats and grilled pineapple. No matter your party’s size, age range, or dietary needs, Rio De Brazil offers an exciting experience sure to satisfy even your most choosy guest.

Contact us to reserve your table today! We look forward to serving you a slice of Brazil soon.

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