Rio De Brazil’s Menu Will Satisfy Any Picky Eater

The one key aspect of our menu at Rio De Brazil that we pride on is the number of choices available for your plate. When opening our eclectic Brazilian Steakhouse, we wanted to go beyond a “churrascaria” and provide multiple options spanning beyond steak. From the salad bar to sixteen different options of meat, your options are limitless and will satisfy one of your many tastes. In fact, our menu is perfect for all types of customers looking to experience an authentic Brazilian Steakhouse. With that said, Rio De Brazil is sure to satisfy your needs and the needs of any kind of picky eater!

Diversity at the Salad Bar

Salads are the perfect beginning to a full course meal and Rio De Brazil brings you multiple condiments to complement your appetizer. Our diverse assortment of fruits and vegetables include an array of different olives, hearts of palms, apples, and much more to top your lettuce. Not really looking for extra vegetables and fruits? Then our breads, cheeses, and seafood could be the perfect pairing on your plate. You could do both or stick to lettuce and dressing, and either way, your taste buds will thank you.

Sixteen Types of Meats

When you think of a Brazilian Steakhouse, we know the first thing that comes to mind is an endless amount of steak. While we do have plenty of steak meat to go around, we also offer many other kinds of meats with different flavors to satisfy that picky eater in the group. If you’re less a red meat kind of person and more of a pork lover, then our tenderloins and pork chops are going to be right up your alley. We also have chicken, lamb, and different varieties of all our meats with different flavors to match your tastes. Additionally, let your server know your preferred temperature and your wish is our command. Either way, you’re going home with a happy, meat-filled belly!

Extensive Wine List

There is no better way to top off your Brazilian Steakhouse experience than with a crisp glass of wine. Since most wine connoisseurs have an eclectic and particular taste, we decided to add over sixty different choices. Whether you love to sip on a glass of sparkling wine or a traditional Chardonnay, finding your perfect glass will be the easiest for you. After all, we want to provide you with the opportunity to satisfy your wine needs and not have to sacrifice them for a limited menu.

Not only do we want you to enjoy the Brazilian Steakhouse experience at Rio De Brazil, but we want the meal to be one to remember, even for the picky eater! Your satisfaction is our number one goal, and it’s our pleasure to give you that, Brazilian style. Contact us today to set up a reservation and eat the meal of a lifetime!