Kids 6 and Under Eat Free at Rio De Brazil

Having kids can be expensive. Between clothing, transportation and meals, it adds up quickly. But now you have one less thing to worry about when you’re eating at Rio De Brazil, because kids six and under eat for free!

Most places you’re going to spend a fortune on a small kids menu with just a few bland options. Rio De Brazil provides healthy, delicious food that the whole family will enjoy.

Even picky kids will find something they love on our menu. Between grilled meats, rice, beans and an extensive list of veggies, you know your hungry little ones will find something they enjoy. This means they’ll be happy and you’ll be able to enjoy your meal in peace.

With our huge salad bar, you know the adults will be eating plenty of vegetables. When you bring the kids in, they’ll see this and be excited to eat veggies along with you. You’re setting a great example of healthy eating. But don’t forget that we also have grilled meats and plenty of side items to round out your meal.

But when the meal is finished, what do kids love best? Desserts of course! Rio De Brazil has a large dessert menu that will make your mouth water. Try our cheesecake, key lime pie or our favorite- traditional Brazilian flan topped with caramel sauce. We know your kids will love any of those and you will too.

You already know that Rio De Brazil can keep all the adults in your party happy, so you can focus on having a good time, but now even the little ones will be pleased. Best of all, kids under six always eat free. Older children between 6 and 12 are only $10 for lunch and $15 any other time.

What are you waiting for? Bring the whole family into Rio De Brazil today!