Seven Fascinating Facts about Brazil

Brazil is broad and vast, comprised of diverse peoples and cultures. It has 26 states that cover roughly as much ground as the US, and as of 2017 it has a population of 209.3 million. The result is a country which offers the world an endless variety of cuisines, contributions, and colossal natural and man-made wonders. Here are seven fascinating facts about Brazil that give you an idea of its richness and magnitude:

1. Brazil has the largest system of rain forests in the world.

60% of the Amazonian rain forests of South America fall within the boundaries of Brazil — compared to 13% in Peru and 10% in Colombia.

2. Brazil is home to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Known in Portuguese as “Cristo Redentor,” this Art Deco-style statue was built in 1931 in Rio de Janeiro. It stands at 98 feet tall, and the outstretched arms of the magnificent Christ figure form a cross, reaching out 92 feet. Situated on the top of Mount Corcovado, the statue can be seen from all over the city. As of 2007, it’s listed as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

3. Brazil throws the biggest carnival in the world.

People come from all over the world for the Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro, which has been held every year before lent since 1723. An average of 2 million people a day fill the streets to enjoy the open-air performances, see the parades, and partake in the festivities.

4. Native populations comprise 4% of Brazil’s population.

Brazil has over 305 indigenous tribes. Native peoples make up 4% of the nation’s total population — amounting to about 900 million individuals.

5. Brazil is famous for its beaches.

Brazil has some of the best beaches in the world, from the highly popular resorts of Rio de Janeiro to hidden gems which are tucked away in sleepy little beach towns. According to CNN, among Brazil’s best are: Ipanema, in the Zona Sul of the state of Rio de Janeiro; the Praia dos Carneiros, just a couple miles from the town of Tamandare in Pernambuco; and Caraiva, in the state of Bahia.

6. Brazil has a diverse gastronomy.

Brazil is known for its national dish, feijoada (a black bean stew with beef and pork), cachaça, (its famous liquor), and its coffee. Nonetheless, over the centuries the country has been impacted by European, Asian, African, and Amerindian influences, and each region has its own cuisine based upon its native inhabitants and its migration history. In the Northern states, fish is a huge staple, while the cuisine of Bahia is heavily informed by African, Portuguese, and indigenous food traditions which use items like chili and palm oil. The South, meanwhile, has a livestock-based economy, and its culture is shaped by the gaucho traditions of Argentina and Uruguay.

7. Brazilian steakhouses serve gaucho style.

Churrasco is Brazil’s world-famous gaucho barbecue. Brazilian steakhouses commonly serve their barbecue in a style called rodízio or espeto corrido, where waiters move around the restaurant skewers and slice meat onto the customer’s plate on an all-you-can-eat basis. The atmosphere is unique, the meal is an event to which you want to bring your closest friends and family, and the memories of fine food and great company are irreplaceable.

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