Our Extensive Wine Selection at Rio De Brazil

An assortment of libations is just another highlight you will find when you dine at Rio De Brazil. Restaurant goers take into consideration a restaurant’s wine list; often it is just as important as the food menu. More and more Americans are sitting down at the table as oenophiles, or wine lovers, and the capacious wine selection here at Rio De Brazil leaves each visitor, whether a beginner or a connoisseur, always excited to return on another day for another meal and pair another of our exquisite wines with our delicious food.

Our wine list includes Cabernets from Napa and Chile, Pinot Noirs from Marlborough and Oregon, Chardonnays from California and the best Rieslings from Germany and Alsace. Our walk-in wine cellar will let you peruse and choose the perfect bottle or glass for your meal. Every wine on our list complements the food we serve. We have light-bodied wines to counter the acidity in salad dressing and bold red wines to match red meat. Our Malbecs were destined for lamb, and our Cabernets for sizzling beef. Our Chilean Sauvignon Blanc goes perfect with poultry. We carry sweet Zinfandels  to counter our tangy sauces and an array of dessert wines for when your sweet tooth needs sated.

Our complete wine list is available on our website: Brazilian Steakhouse Menu and Wine List

At Rio De Brazil we are dedicated to perfecting an atmosphere for you to celebrate, make great memories and devour the most delectable food and spirits. Our wine list is suitable for business meetings, family gatherings and romantic nights on the town. We welcome wine experts and skeptics alike. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff,  coupled with our churrasco-style meats and extensive wine selection, make Rio De Brazil a fine dining experience like no other. We stand behind our diversity, expertise and devotion to the drinks we pour and the food we serve.