All You Can Eat: The Budget-Friendly Option

Where should we go to eat? A common household debate. While debating the topic, usually price comes up as well. Rio de Brazil has the answer though. Join Rio for dinner, and you will get the most bang for your buck!

Top 5 Reasons Rio is Budget-Friendly

  1. When weighing out the amount of food you get for the cost, you can’t beat all you can eat. Whereas other restaurants you get one meal for the price, but at Rio, you can get unlimited trips to the salad bar (which is so much more than just salad), Brazilian cheesy bread, and as much grilled meat as you like. It’s a veritable feast!
  2. At other restaurants, if you don’t like what you’ve ordered, you are still stuck with that particular choice. At Rio, if you don’t like what’s on your plate, just head back to the salad bar for something else or turn your token around and receive a new batch of grilled meat. The number of possible meals you can have at Rio is endless!
  3. Rio is kid-friendly when it comes to atmosphere and cost. If you have little ones (5 and under) in tow, you can feed them at Rio for free. That’s right, no extra cost for them; you can’t beat that price! And the older ones (6-12) eat at a significantly reduced cost.
  4.  Trying to be health-conscious, while still accommodating multiple palates? At most restaurants that specifically cater to healthy eating, you get grumbling from the other people and pay a heftier price. Plus, you might still end up having to hit fast food anyway on the way home, just to satiate the little ones. All those costs add up, but at Rio, you can maintain your diet, stick to your budget, and get a smile out of the others.
  5. The type of food you get at Rio is the best reason to come. Where else can you get all you can eat bacon wrapped filet mignon and it’s cooked to order? With ribs, steak, chicken, sausage, etc. coming around to your table as often as you want, you can’t beat that at any other restaurant!

No reason to break the bank for a meal out on the town. Everyone deserves a delicious meal and time spent out with friends and family. Consider Rio when making your reservation, and your wallet will thank you!