The Brazilian Dining Experience

Dinner: $39.95

Weekday Lunch (7 meats): $17.95 | Weekend Lunch (no lamb): $29.95

Kids 6-12 weekday lunch: $10 | Kids 6-12 all other times: $15

Kids under 6 are always FREE


Sit down, relax and enjoy a drink as we explain the Rio De Brazil Steahouse Experience.


Visit our huge salad bar where you will find fresh salads, smoked salmon, shrimp, imported cheeses and cold cuts along with typical hot items from Brazil.


Turn your token to green alerting our staff that you are ready for our Gauchos to begin tableside meat service.


Choose from the vast array of cuts of Brazilian fire-roasted beef, chicken, pork and lamb that are sliced at your table by our Gauchos. Please use provided tongs to assist the Gauchos in bringing the meats to your plate.


When you are satisfied, flip the token to red until you are ready for more offerings from our Gauchos or if you are finished with your meal.

We hope you enjoy your experience at Rio De Brazil Steakhouse and please do not hesitate in asking any of our staff for special requests for meat temperatures, birthday celebrations or anything to make this an unforgettable day!