Brush Up on your Brazilian Steakhouse Etiquette

When going out to eat, having good etiquette is at the top of most diner’s “to-do” lists. That can become challenging when you go to a restaurant such as a Brazilian steakhouse where cultures, traditions, and etiquettes are different than what most diners get accustomed to enjoying.

In this post, we are here to provide you with 10 great tips to help you brush up on your Brazilian Steakhouse etiquette so that next time you come in and dine with us here at the Rio De Brazil, you can be the polite, courteous guest that you always strive to be:

Use the Same Utensils – In the Same Hands

Brazilians generally use the same silverware throughout their entire meal. It’s customary for the knife to remain in the right hand and the fork in the left hand. When you get finished with your meal, it’s custom to lay the knife and fork parallel to each other across the center of the plate while making sure that they do not cross.

The Utensil Location at Your Place Setting Matters

Your fork and spoon that get located above your dinner plate are always for dessert. When eating, you will start your way from the outside of the silverware and work your way inward towards your plate. You will see several glasses at your plate, and each one gets reserved for a different beverage including a) water, b) red wine, c) white wine, & d) beer that you can choose to have with your meal.

Pass the Dishes Around the Table

At Brazilian Steakhouse restaurants always pass your dishes to the left around the table until everyone gets served.

Your Seating Position

The position of honor in Brazilian society gets located at the head of the table. Generally, the host of the party or the guest of honor will sit at the head of the table.

Table Arrangements

Often, in Brazilian-style restaurants, you will share a table with other diners. Getting the attention of wait-staff gets done by prolonged periods of eye contact with the person you wish to summon.

Eating Your Bread

Bread commonly gets served at Brazilian-style restaurants. Most of the time, you will notice that bread is served unbuttered and is usually French bread. Placing it on the rim of your plate or beside your plate on the table is acceptable.

Eating Your Salad

When the salad gets served in a Brazilian restaurant, you should never cut the lettuce with before you eat it. Instead, use your fork and knife to wrap it in a neat bundle to eat it. It’s usually a side dish to the main meal.

Who Should Be Paying

When you are going to pay your bill at a Brazilian restaurant, you should remember that it gets considered proper that the person who did the inviting is the one that pays the bill. The guest can make an effort to pay, although the host will usually politely decline your attempt to pay.

If You Are The Host, Be Sure to Tip

Tipping is customary in Brazilian restaurants. However, 10% tip is usually sufficient, even for exemplary service.

Now that you have these basic etiquette tips under your belt, you will know how to dine properly in a Brazilian restaurant. We hope to see you at the Rio de Brazil and look forward to having you dine with us soon!

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