The Brazilian Dining Experience at Rio De Brazil

The Brazilian dining experience, or churrascaria, is a meal simply unlike any other. When you come to dine at Rio de Brazil, you come ready to eat. The differences between us and your typical restaurant will become apparent immediately. Instead of being presented with a menu, you will be given a disc, with red and green sides, and be lead to your table. Once you are seated with your party, you will be directed to our salad bar, which features authentic Brazilian hot sides, traditional salad bar offerings, imported cheeses and local seafood. When you’ve taken everything you want (and we do mean everything), have a seat and turn your disc to the green side. This will signal our Gauchos to begin serving you.

The Dining Difference

Unlike most restaurants where you select your food from a menu, our Guachos come to you with a variety of meat on skewers. They will stop by with delicious, delectable cuts of beef, chicken, pork, and lamb, and slice them right at your table. At Rio de Brazil, we serve our dinners rodízio style, which roughly translates to “all you can eat!”. Our Gauchos will pass by your table multiple times throughout the night, so never fear: if you miss something the first time around, rest assured you’ll have another chance. When you’ve had enough, turn your disc to the red side, and they’ll pass you over, until you’re ready to begin again.

Drinks and Dessert

After dinner, feel free to sit and talk. If you haven’t had enough yet, ask your server for our dessert menu, or order a bottle from our extensive wine list. We have Brazilian beers (Xingu Black and Palma Louca), and make a fantastic Caipirinha, also known as the national cocktail of Brazil. For our younger diners, we have Guaraná Antarctica soda.

The Brazilian dining experience is remarkable and one not to be missed, and we at Rio de Brazil strive to make it doubly so. Visit us on your next date night, anniversary, or birthday, to make it a truly unforgettable event.

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