The Best Meat and Wine Pairings

It can be overwhelming to choose a wine that will pair well with your meal. At Rio de Brazil, our wine list has over 60 selections from all over the world. We serve almost 20 grilled meat selections, making for endless meat and wine pairings.

We’ve done a little research for you, and came up with pairings that you are sure to enjoy. Next time you dine at Rio de Brazil, try out these suggestions.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Our cabernet sauvignons will pair well with any beef or lamb dish. Robust cabernets tend to overpower pork, chicken, and seafood.

Try Casillero with a leg of lamb, filet mignon with bacon, or garlic steak. If you’re opting for flank steak or beef ribs, try a glass of Carnivor.


Chardonnay’s subtle flavor pairs best with lightly seasoned dishes, creamy sauces, pork, and chicken. Chardonnay tends to be overpowered by spicy dishes and red meats.

Canyon Road or J. Lohr Riverstone will pair well with our chicken drumsticks or pork ribs. If you’re having pork parmesan, try it with a glass of Columbia.


You don’t need a special occasion to enjoy sparkling wine. Shrimp, fish, and salami all pair well with sparkling wine.

Enjoy a glass of Kenwood Yalupa Brut when starting with our salad bar. This wine pairs well with our fresh shrimp, smoked salmon, and cold cuts.

Dessert Wine

If you’ve managed to save room, any of our desserts and a glass of dessert wine is a wonderful finish to your meal.

Santero Moscato D’Asti is best paired with desserts containing fruit. It does not complement chocolate dishes. For a memorable dessert, try a glass of D’Asti with papaya cream or key lime pie.

If turtle cheesecake is calling your name, Fonseca Bin 27 Port goes well with chocolate desserts.

Wine will be a wonderful complement to your next meal at Rio de Brazil. The right choice of meat and wine pairings will elevate your dining experience. Contact us today to book a reservation and be sure to try one of these meat and wine pairings!